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Debt Settlement

Fallen on difficult times? Struggling to make ends meet due to high balances on debt?

With DebtTech, you can:

  • Pay significantly less total debt
  • Much lower monthly payments
  • Costs nothing up front to begin
  • Eliminate enrolled debt in 12-52 months

Credit Repair

Have you struggled with difficult situations, and are now ready to rebuild credit?

With DebtTech, you can:

  • Remove negative items from your credit report
  • Assist in building new, positive credit
  • Average of an 80 – 100 point increase
  • Guaranteed 640 score or it’s free

Loan Modification

Want to keep your home, but need lower monthly payments to make it possible?

With DebtTech, you can:

  • Reduced monthly payments that fit your budget
  • Lower Interest Rate, Lower Balance or Both
  • Avoid foreclosure and short sales
  • Interest rates as low as 2%

Cash Flow Management

For those not struggling with cash flow, but want to be proactive in debt elimination.

With DebtTech, you can:

  • Eliminate your debt and mortgage in 5 – 10 years
  • Requires little to no lifestyle changes
  • No settlements, no refinancing, no consolidation
  • No negative effect on your credit


Budget Consulting

Struggling with cash flow? An effective budget helps you reduce debt and meet your monthly financial needs.

With DebtTech, you can:

  • Discover key expenses that can be reduced
  • Cutting edge tools to help you manage cash flow
  • Accountability to help build positive habits
  • Money Back Guarantee



We have a network of licensed bankruptcy attorneys who are ready to help you find immediate relief.

With DebtTech, we can help you:

  • Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Find immediate relief from your financial hardships
  • Local experienced attorneys
  • Stop creditor harassment


Student Loan Consolidation

Struggling to pay your Federal Student Loans?  Consolidate into a low interest loan and reduce your monthly payment.

With DebtTech, we can help you:

  • Consolidate into a low interest loan with only one monthly payment
  • Reduce your payments by 25% – 50%
  • Certain Careers can qualify for Federal Student Loan forgiveness
  • Income based repayment plans

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